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France seen by a binational

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 00:45

While France has many immigrants in its ranks who have contributed to the richness and diversity of the country, it also has many binationals, who often have a useful look at our country because it is nuanced.

Hassan Hachem, French-Lebanese entrepreneur shares this relationship with France.

Hassan Hachem continued his education in French schools and finished his studies with a diploma of DPLG architect at the University of Paris Tolbiac.

"Of course, this journey has long shaped my thinking, my vision of architecture, seeing the world and even somewhere to consider business.

Even though I am established in Lebanon, France remains deeply rooted in me. Its stability, its quality of life, the solidity of its economy are precious elements in a world that is becoming more and more uncertain. Despite the debt crisis, artificially inflated by speculators and the media, thanks to external factors (actual Greek or Irish debt crisis), the situation in France has not changed so much. It is an old country where life is good, a true state of law. It is worth remembering it in the current context of a crisis of confidence.

Secondly, my attachment to France is also a real commitment to its values: I find myself totally in the national motto (freedom, equality, fraternity). It is perhaps when I am abroad that I realize how much my values, our values ​​(those of the French) have been transmitted to me by this country. The love of a job well done, the "positive" ambition (the one that gives me the strength to succeed), the entrepreneurship, the sense of the common good, the democratic values, all this is at the heart of the French culture and I really identify with this. But, I regret that some of the traditional French values ​​like the value of the family tend to fade in favor of the welfare state. Paradoxically, it is perhaps the difficulties of the French social model, which will lead the French to refocus on the family. It's a shame, but in the long run, it may be beneficial. "

After, chained Hassan Hachem, "I have emotional ties with France which is a literally charming country. It starts with the French among whom I count half of my friends, these famous French who, even if they are considered arrogant abroad (it is perhaps related to the status of former colonial power from which they come ), are whole people who privilege authentic relationships and are, most of the time, faithful in friendship. "